Look Up

We spend our days looking straight ahead at computer screens or TVs, or looking down at cell phone screens. But have you ever taken a few moments to look up? All around us are scenes of interesting architecture or beautiful nature, but many people miss out on those scenes because they are only focused on looking straight ahead. But that's the same as looking at a 50-story building and only seeing the first floor, or looking at the California redwoods and only looking at the base. You're missing so much more.

So take a moment the next time you're between a cluster of buildings in a city, or inside a grand building on your travels, or even among trees and rocks on a nature walk. There's something to see everywhere you just have to look up.

Courtyard, Philadelphia City Hall

Center City Philadelphia

Comcast Two Tower in Progress, Philadelphia

Grand Hall, Philadelphia Museum of Art

North Entrance, Philadelphia City Hall

Library of Congress, Washington DC

Union Station, Los Angeles

The Bradbury Building, Los Angeles

30th Street Station, Philadelphia